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Mo Lwin (a.k.a Tin Maung Htoo), is a dynamic entrepreneur who is currently running the Peak Point Group, specializing in information system and management consultancy services and trainings. Moreover, Peak Point is a vibrant organisation that is dedicated to provide of one-stop solutions including e-Commerce and Website Development, Online & Offline Media Services, Travel & Tours.

My background in training, developed in the social enterprise sector has enabled to offer training and HR and Marketing management support not just in the travel sector but across a range of SME industries and not-for- profit organisations.

I am also involved with the provision of support to social enterprises in business planning, grant application support, research and feasibility studies, financial support services, business coaching, marketing and communications consultation.

I have completed Masters in Business Information Systems from Australia and also holds a B.Sc. (Hons) in Information Technology from the University of Greenwich (London) and a B.A (English) from Yangon University.

I am also a passionate trainer and offers various soft skills training programs and consultancy services from SMEs, Corporate, Political parties and Government bodies. My passion in delivering training and development is reflected in his part time appointment as a lecturer in Business and ICT Development in various private colleges and have been invited as guest speaker at public universities as well.

I live in motto – “Love for All, Hatred for None”. He loves to spend leisure time usefully by serving the community and spending time with youth to develop their essential life etiquette as much as he can.